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About us

Dec 2015     We built strategic cooperation with Suning.

Jul  2015     Our marketing center was relocated to the International ECO, Shenzhen.

Sep 2014     D.F.S passed the RoHS certification.

Aug 2013     D.F.S was acknowledged as a high-tech enterprise.

Apr  2014     We built strategic cooperation with Huawei.

Nov 2013     We built strategic cooperation with wal-mart.

Aug 2013     We established offices in Shanghai, Chengdu and  Peking

Dec 2012     Our marketing center was relocated to Bao'an Traffic Bureau Building, Shenzhen.

Apr  2011     We established the full Environmental System of ISO14000.   

Nov 2010     Our products of independent brand  "ESTOPS" obtained national patent certificate.

Oct  2009     Our factory was relocated with an area of 8000m2, more than 300 employees and we began to develop security display products.

Jul  2008     We obtained the ISO9001:2000 Certification.

Mar 2008     D.F.S Technology (HK) Co., Ltd was founded.

Aug 2006     The International Trade Department was established.

Mar 2006     We Started to cooperate with the Japan-funded enterprises and introduced Japanese management system.

May 2005     Our production site expanded to an area of more than 2000 square meters.

Mar 2003     D.F.S Metal Goods Co., Ltd was founded.

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